Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oversized Sunnies

I was browsing thru BryanBoy the other day and saw an entry about Rayban Oversized Sunnies. and being obsessed with Oversized Sunnies, actually I'm obsessed with anything oversized (i.e. watches, rings, necklaces). I checked the link to the website and I was just dumbstruck! The Shades were PERFECT!!! AS IN PERFECT!!! I've always had problems with buying oversized sunnies they were either too small for my big face or just look plainly horrible when I wear them. The only perfect shades that I was able to buy was from Mango, which unfortunately broke into two after you know who borrowed and wore my shades! SHE'S BAD LUCK! BAD LUCK TO ANYTHING YOU OWN I TELL YOU!!! she's a screaming CALAMITY JANE!! after that incident I looked for a replacement for my demised shades. I was able to find one in Pepe Jeans, although it was not as perfect as the previous one, it did me okay. and now the Perfect Shades has shown itself to me again!!! according to my friend it's available here in Manila in some optical shops. Time for some Oversized Sunnies Hunting for me!!!! Come to me oversized sunnies!!!!!

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