Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Sunnies got BROKEN!!!

FUCK! FUCK! my oversized sunnies got broken!!!! ugh! just days after I've blogged about the Oversized Sunnies from Rayban, my shades just seemingly broke itself! (a sign? haha!)Well it didn't get broken broken as in broke in half, cracked or whatever. The screw that joined the glasses from the ear piece (I don't know what its really called) got lost. I have no idea on how the screw got removed and where it is. I just saw my sunnies at that state when I was about to use it today. I couldn't find it in my bag or in the container! NOW I DON'T HAVE SUNNIES TO USE!!! (well actually I do!) but still!!! My favorite sunnies which I use every single day is broken!!! I just hope it'll get fixed!

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