Thursday, January 15, 2009

If your life was a movie, what would the songs in your OST be?

Lol I had fun in answering this!

If your life was a movie, what would the songs in your OST be?

So, here's how it works:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play. For every question, type the song that's playing.
4. Pick a line from the song that might be the BEST line incorporated with your "scene".
5. When you go to a new question, press the NEXT button.

Movie Title:
Decode – Paramore
“The truth is hiding in your eyes and it’s hanging on your tongue. Just boiling in my blood but you think I can’t I see.”

Opening Credits:
All you wanted – Michelle Branch
"I wanted to be like you, I wanted everything, so I tried to be like you and I got swept away”

Waking Up:
Fabulous – Ashley Tisdale
“It’s out with the old, and in with the new. Goodbye clouds of grey, hello skies of blue. A dip in the pool, a trip to the spa, Endless days in my chaise the whole world a according to moi."

Getting Bullied:
Spotlight – Mute Match
"Just take the fall, You’re one of us. The spotlight is on, Oh the spotlight is on, oh”

Seeing your Crush:
Just a little bit - Mutya Buena
"I love you, I admit
More than just a little bit."

Seeing your Ex:
Supernatural – Sugababes
" Love comes and love goes
And, who knows what life holds."

Embarrasing Moment:
Maya - Sugababes
"Na, na, na ,na, they know. Na, na, na, na, they know”

Falling in Love:
The Game of love – Michelle Branch/ Santana
" It just takes a little bit of this , a little bit of that. It started with a kiss now we're up to bat. A little bit of laughs, a little bit of pain I'm telling you, my babe It's all in the game of love”

Red Dress - Sugababes
" Cos I'm cooler than the red dress Cos I'm cooler Cos I'm cooler. A girl's entitled to flaunt to get what she wants. Can't say that it's wrong No baby."

Normal Day:
Rich Girl – Gwen Stefani
“No man could test me, impress me, my cash flow would never ever end Cause I'd have all the money in the world, if I was a wealthy girl. Think what that money could bring I'd buy everything Clean out Vivienne Westwood In my Galliano gown."

Breaking Up:
Suffer for Love – Mutya Buena
" I keep on trying but I don't know how it works There's no instruction so I keep on getting hurt Over again, over again, overand over and over again.”

Having a Mental Breakdown:
Hollaback girl – Gwen Stefani
" Let me hear you say this shit is bananas
(This shit is bananas)

Ray of Light - Madonna
"Quicker than a ray of light she's flying
Quicker than a ray of light I'm flying "

Having Regrets:

What you waiting for? – Gwen Stefani

Inspired Moment:
Humdrum – The Corrs
" I have vision like no other
So romantic you'll discover."

Having a Flashback:
Never Back down – Sugababes
" I like my man rough I like my man tough But he's gotta be smooth When he's giving my love."

Getting Back Together:
Stung out – Mutya Buena
" I don't know when And I don't know why Suddenly I lost youAnd a part of you had died."

Are you happy now? – Michelle Branch
" I’ve had that all I can take And I’m about to breakCause I’m happy now, ohhh, ohhh Are you happy now?”

Love Scene:
Where are you now? – Michelle Branch
" I've been all over the world
I've seen a million different places
But through the crowds and all the faces
I'm still out there looking for you.."

While Giving Birth:
Sweet Misery – Michelle Branch
" Sweet misery you cause me."

After Giving Birth:
Vogue – Madonna
" You're a superstar, yes, that's
what you are, you know it."

Final battle:
2 hearts - Sugababes
" Do you really wanna wait another day?
Coz everybody needs a little time to pay
And after when the time is up
Everybody doesnt always get their say
Feels like a little price to pay
Then after we laugh it up."

Death scene:
Even if – The Corrs.
" The world goes on spinning and I can't retrace
My heady footsteps to this place
I'm in heaven right now
and I don't want to come down”

Funeral song:
Fashionsta – Jimmy James
" Everybody line up
The show is about to start
Places, the show is about to start
You have to show a look, have a look, or give a look
Faces, beautiful
No one ugly allowed."

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