Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!


Hope everybody is having a fabulous time!



(twelve days of Christmas by Janice Dickson)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fairytale endings

Women nowadays still dream of a fairytale ending....

but what they want is not a knight on a white horse...

but the vampire with a shiny silver volvo ;)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Current State of the Union 12-07-08

Current State of the Union


Oxford Shoes------------------------------------------------------Dec. 5
Harem Pants-------------------------------------------------------Dec. 6
Rockwell Bazaar--------------------------------------------------------MP
Robert Pattinson-------------------------------------------------------Guards
Twilight Soundtrack---------------------------------------------------------

This is the worst weekend ever!!!!!!!!!! Im just thankful that I was able to go shopping last Wednesday (One of my loots was the Twilight Soundtrack and Robert Pattinson's voice has just simply bedazzled and mesmerized moi!), I would have totally lost my mind with everything that happened this weekend if I wasn't able to go shopping. Retail Therapy really works!!! Even in advance! hahaha! All I want for Christmas is for Summer Vacation to come already!!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson??? yea I know! I know! Everybody's talking about Robert Pattinson/Twilight/Edward Cullen basically anything related to Twilight or Robert Pattinson. It's what I have been hearing everywhere! since the recent screening of the movie. I have been trying to put off this blog entry for the past few days because I didn't want to sound like a crazy obsessed fan, I needed to compose myself before I write this entry. Poise! you know! I need to be poised before I write this but OMFG!!! ROBERT PATTINSON IS SOOO EFFIN HAWT!!! and there goes my poise....hahahaha! I don't know why but Robert Pattinson is smoking in the movie! Probably he just looks best when he's pale and dead looking! hahaha! love it!!!

Having read the book, I guess like most books that were made into a movie. The book is still much better than the movie, though I was little dissapointed in the movie, as usual (since I always read the book before I watch the movie or I have read the book before the movie was out) Robert Pattinson did JUSTICE!!! to the role of Edward Cullen unlike to some of the characters (whom I'm not gonna name) though there were some scenes where he looked a little constipated! but still He's the hottest constipated person ever!!! Nobody can look hott when their contispated! HAHAHAHAHAHA! He is now officially #2 of my hott teen celebs list after Zac Efron!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Oxford shoes

OMG!!!! at last my own pair of oxford flats!! I have been wanting for my own pair of oxfords for the longest time now. I was able to get a pair of peep toe oxfords in nine west but was still unable to find flat ones, I searched online and I was able to find one in Luisa via Roma but i found out that it wasn't leather i think it was plastic? i don't really know what it is but its the same as those jelly shoes or whatever. So I kind of gave hope in obtaining my own pair of oxfords until a friend of mine told me a few weeks ago that she saw a pair of oxfords somewhere but couldn't quite remember where she saw it. Until she remembered last Tuesday that she found it at Renegade Folk and that they would be joining the Rockwell Urban Bazaar that Friday. So in the end I bought my own pair and all I can say is that I'm happy that at last I already have my own pair of flat oxfords though it's not my ideal colour, I still love it! and I'm already close to find my own pair of black and white oxfords! AT LAST MY OWN OXIES!!!! I'm sooo exicted to wear it to school!!!!!! LOVE ETTT!!!

(me in my oxford peep toe)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hotel Celeste

Last Oct 31, a friend of mine celebrated his birthday at the new ultra fabulous Hotel Celeste(i don't know if it's open already). All I can say is it's LALALALALOVE!!! I love the place it's SuperChic and Cool!! All the rooms are different from one another, each room has a different and unique design with it's own custom made furniture. and most of all THE YELLOW TUB IS LOVE!!!!!!, the bday boy gave us a royal tour of the rooms and suites and some of the pictures of the room are posted below. I want to stay there forever! God I wish I was Coco Chanel or Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, living in hotel suites.

Hotel Celeste is located in 02 San Lorenzo drive, corner A.Arnaiz avenue San Lorenzo Village Makati City

(yellow tub)


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Current State of the Union 09-21-08

Current State of the Union


Shopping---------------------------------Fugly Clothes & Shoes
Girl's Nightout--------------------------------------------------------
Presence of Mind--------------------------------------------------------

Mr. Stripes-------------------------------------------------------

Jill's & Embassy

Omg! after a very very long time! me and my highschool friends went out for a girl's night! last Sept. 20, 08. That day was a really really long one for me! It was a night of pure craziness and shocking news!!!First Me, Ange, & Tinay met at G4 to buy oufits for the both of them. And boy! let me tell you! it was forever! We were there from 2-6pm! Ange had a problem with finding clothes that suited her skinny but fabulous body! and Tinay had a problem choosing the perfect high heeled shoes for her dress and my god!!! most shoes in Glorietta was horrendous! It was really a gruelling afternoon! I was already dead tired and it was only 6 in the evening! but may I say it was all worth it! they looked so gorgeous!!! It was a good thing that I was able to rest at Jenna's house, the play we chose to meet and prep up before going to the fort.

(Tinay & Ange)

We left her house at around 9:30 then went to drink first at Jill's at the Fort because it the guestlist wasn't there yet. We ordered some cocktails! and my! their Maitai was a killer! I got tipsy for the first time because of it! and let me tell you I don't get easily drunk! I don't even get drunk at all!!! After being me woozy and all we went back to Emba. It was a little boring at first because obviously it was a saturday night because most people go there on a friday. There were DOFM's (Dirty old foreigner man) galore! Right Tinay? hahaahhahaha! As soon as the night passed things got hotter! Tinay was the most popular! a group of guys introduced themselves to her! and even asked for a photo with her! CELEBRITY!!!! and that is where my stupidity comes in!! The hottest guy in the group NO! THE HOTTEST GUY THAT NIGHT & IN THE CLUB came up to me and wanted to introduce himself to me!!! and me being WOOZY AND STUPID and all!!! how do we say this? Ignored him???? God!!!! that my friends is a lesson for me to stop being a such a SNOB!!!!



Monday, September 15, 2008

Jazzy Jane Waterproof Satchel!!!

Yes! Another bag obsession!!!! Just after my obsession over Gryson bags! which btw I will be getting tomorrow! It's time to be move on and obsesses over another bag! The Jazzy Jane Waterproof Satchel by Marc by Marc Jacobs! priced at € 245.00! it's 100% leather! all I can say is that I LOVETTTT!!!! It's soooo chic! perfect for my laptop and for business attire!!! and I won't get in trouble yet again with the OSA!!! (Office of School Affairs) tama ba? We have a dress code you know! Unfortunately for me! I'm out of mooolah!!!!!! and I still have to buy a God friggin DIGICAM!!! since I recently broke my cam (i.e. I THREW IT IN THE GOD DAMN FREAKING FLOOR!!!!! Regina George meets The Hulk! hahahahahaha!) Camera or Bag? Camera or Bag? How bout both???? SO MUCH FOR SAVING MONEY! HAHHAAHAHAHAHAHA! available in Luisa via Roma & Net-a-porter

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Current State of the Union 9-09-08

Current State of the Union


Gryson Bag----------------------------------------Theology Quiz
-------------------------------------------------Accounting Project
------------------------------------------------Accounting Homework
--------------------------------------------------The Rain
-----------------------------------------------TODAY/THIS DAY

All I can say is FUCK YOU SEPTEMBER 9 2008!!!!!!!! I HATE THIS DAY!!!!!!! everything was just against me today!!!! basically everything was in SHAMBLES. I was a total badluck magnet today! I'm not gonna enumerate them anymore! since its already listed in my out list. and im not gonna explain it anymore because im sure the more i'll be pissed off.

If not for a beloved friend of my mine (Gem THATS YOU!!!) telling me just a few minutes ago that I would already be getting my bag next week. I would still be Royally pissed right now. Now I'm just pissed. just pissed! Thank you Gem!!! you saved my day!!!! hahaha!

Gryson Bagsss!!!!

After my shoe obsession.... I'm now obsessed with bags! again!!!!!

Introducing, The Gryson!!!!! For those of you who are not familiar with the brand or the designer (Joy Gryson), here's a link to the the official site of Gryson.

I'm sooo excited to get my Gryson bag for Target!!!! which I'm bound to get anytime nextweek! COME TO MEE GRYSON BAG!!!!!! here's a photo of the bag

Monday, September 8, 2008

Current State of the Union 9-08-08

Current State of the Union


Doggie Dash------------------------------ THE PRINCESS
New Lit Classroom-------------------------- Accounting Project
Chocolate Cake-----------------------------------------------------
The Rain (SUSPENDED!!!) ---------------------------------------

OMFG!!!!!! Argh!!!!!! Im sooo hating the Part 2 of our Accounting Project right now!!!! We're supposed to get a COA from a local business! And we didn't realise this until yesterday! and It's already 10:01 pm in my watch and we still don't have one! WE'RE SOOO GONNA DIE!!!! and the submission is already TOMMORROW!!!! HOT BOYS!!! SAVE US FROM DAMNATION!!!!!!!!! T_T I just hope that the rain will save us all!!! SUSPENDED!!!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


She's Back! Bea's back!

(Photo: Bea with her younger brother)
Our old friend is back here in Manila! Unfortunately she's gonna be here only for the weekend.But anyway, since she’s back we decided to have a girl’s night out in Fiama at Jupiter St. Makati. Much to our dismay the night (or may I say) wasn’t as fun as I expected it to be! But anyway it doesn’t matter because at least we were complete again! I was supposed to wear my new shoes; unfortunately one of my friends had a MAJOR FASHION DISASTER! Actually no! She’s ALWAYS a fashion disaster!

Outfit #1: Hip Hop look!
Outfit #2: Ruffled Dress paired with (how do I say this delicately?) shoes that doesn’t go with the dress…

(the barkada)

So… Being a good friend! I suggested (emphasis on the word SUGGESTED) that she try, just try on my new shoes! We’ll my shoes looked well with her dress! And well after my compliment that it looks good with her dress! She didn’t want to take it off! Of course, I said No! Asked her to take it off placed it in my bag. And later takes it from my bag without me noticing! So being a REALLY GOOD FRIEND decided to loan my shoes to her for the night.

(Me wearing my new shoes)

I've Changed.....

I've Changed......

I'm no longer a princess!

Sad noh? ='c

I just found out that my parents are Greek....



Monday, September 1, 2008

Look familiar???

Does this look familiar to you???????

Is that the Dior Extreme Cutout Gladiator????


Monday, August 25, 2008

Shoe Obsessions

Lately, I have been obsessed with two pairs of shoes. The Marc by Marc Jacobs red patent jazz shoes and the Extreme Dior Gladiator Platform (worn by SJP at the SATC movie.)

Actually I have been obsessed with the Marc by Marc jazz shoes since June or July ever since I saw it in net-a-porter when I was still obsessing on oxford pumps that I might be able to purchase here in the Philippines (there's one available in Nine West) , so I visited the Marc by Marc store here in the ph at GB5 which to my dismay, the shoes weren't available. Now if only I could get my hands on my father's credit card and be able to purchase the shoes online.. Unfortunately for me.. My father is still and yet again Globetrotting around the world, and I highly doubt it if he would make the purchase for me. I'm still bugging him to buy me a car you know?

Now for my other shoe obsession, I have also been obsessed with the Extreme Dior Gladiator Platform (above) found at eluxury which was worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in the SATC Movie(below). The shoe is priced at $770 which like Php 34,650 here in the Philippines almost the same as an LV speedy 30 here in the Philippines these are quite pricey and Designer brands are much more expensive here in the Ph and since there is no Dior store here in the Philippines and the only way for me to get those shoes is by purchasing it online. Which is a BAD IDEA! I tell you! since my parents are gonna be well aware of my purchases and usually they're not happy about it. And also I have recently been banned by my Mother from buying anything that is designer labeled (so that means, me just sticking to the Zara's and the Topshop's of the world *sobs*) and I also don't like the idea of the "be prudent in spending and be wise in investments" speech thing all over again. So I guess these shoes are just gonna be merely obsessions for me! POOR ME!!! HUHUHU! but that's okay! since I'm buying a pair of Oxford pumps tommorrow or anytime this week (I have been obsessing about it all summer!) which I am already sooo excited to wear for a night out!!!! Which I hope is SOON!!!! Girls! we need to party!!! I still have an unfinished FLIRTING business with some guys!!! *wink* *wink*

Sunday, August 24, 2008


So my friend decided to make an avatar of our barkada (that is clique for you) from face your manga. And most of the avatars really looked like us. Though I simply do not understand on why I was placed on a cemetery... why do I look like a corpse or something from beyond??? a ghost? a witch? vampire? anyway here are the avatars... I edited and placed them into just one picture, two actually one pic for the boys and another for the girls. Just go figure on which avatar is me.. hahaha!

Soe Dress Shirts

Among with my other obsessions (and may I tell you, I have A LOT of obsessions as in A LOT!!!), I have been obsessed with the Soe Dress Shirts for quite a while now and for those of you who are not familiar with the brand. Soe, according to, Soe (so-ee) can be spelt with the characters for “create” and “inclination”is a menswear brand from Japan (Yes! Men's wear! What better way to look girly and chic than wearing guy clothes right?), It's designer Soichiro Ito has been know for his minimalistic approach in Fashion.

And I just think that his clothes look fabulous don't you think??? especially his dress shirts. It would be perfect for me to wear to school since we are now required to be in business attire, I just sure hope I won't be in trouble yet again with the clothes that I wear to school! AS IF GETTING IN TROUBLE EVER STOPPED ME FROM WEARING WHAT I WANT!! BWAHAHAHAHHA! now if only they just had a branch here in the Philippines... Well I'm sure that's NOT gonna happen anytime soon. I just hope our trip to Japan would forego this summer.. then it would be SHOPPING FOR SOE DRESS SHIRTS FOR ME!!! God I'm such a lesbian! shopping for menswear! HAHAHHAHAHAHA!

That's all..

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Alice in Wonderland

"She is pure Alice in Wonderland, and her appearance and demeanor are nicely judged by the mix of the Red Queen and a Flamingo" - Truman Capote